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Cindy Andries
Cindy Andries

Cindy, nice to meet you

I had everything and yet I wasn’t happy.
Do you know that phenomenon? It feels so frustrating.

I looked around me, my life was perfect and yet I felt so empty inside. I was in a rut, I didn’t feel useful and I couldn’t understand what else I could do.

My solution at that moment was simple: flee. I went on a journey as much as I could. Away from here, away from powerlessness.

On one of my trips, in Ko Samui, I discovered Hot-Yoga. The promise to achieve a lot of results in a short time on the level of a tight body and a lot of energy appealed to me! I participated and I was sold.
This was my first introduction to yoga. The first years I focused on working on my body. I did yoga to be supple, to stay tight and to keep my slim line.

My introduction to yoga

Years later I discovered that yoga can offer you much more than just the physical benefits. I discovered new forms of yoga and with that I found the connection with myself again. I came to rest, I became softer and more loving. My heart opened again. I loved it.

Yoga brought me more than I had dared to dream.

And I also discovered more about myself and about the functioning of people. My field of interest expanded. First more towards nutrition and food supplements, then also towards the human mind. How do emotions work, how do we process emotions. To what extent are we controlled by the unconscious?

Happy coach

These questions brought me to Happy Coach. Emilie Depuydt trained me to become an NLP master practitioner. NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. This is a model that provides insight into how our brain works and how we can influence this ourselves (including with our language). The more I learn about this subject, the greater my interest becomes. That's why I've now started with the trajectory 'Ericksonian Hypnosis', given by Anné Linden.

Another trip took me to Chile. I met Alberto Villoldo at his Four Winds School. The angle there is to work directly on the level of our energy.

My life today

Both my feet are firmly on the ground, because I would like to pass on this interesting and healing knowledge. Cow by the horns: I founded my own yoga school and called it Inner Freedom.

My trainings

  • India: Elemental yoga
  • Portugal: Elemental Teacher
  • Bali: Teacher Elemental Therapy
  • Bali: nutrition and mindfulness
  • Thailand: Absolute Series Hotyoga Teacher
  • India: Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine combined with yoga
  • Belgium: Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Belgium: Relaxation Therapy
  • Belgium: Reiki
  • Chile: Shamanic energy medicine
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