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Yoga Therapy

What about a mix of yoga and nutrition, to work on your health? Yoga Therapy offers just that!

In this individual coaching program, Cindy designs a unique package for your specific needs. It contains lifestyle advice, movement and tailored yoga-exercise to balance out your ailments. Physical as well as mental issues can be treated with Yoga Therapy. Cindy has found it a great tool for people who have gone through recent changes that haven't fallen into place yet.
Many people consider change a very stressful experience. Working through life changes in a relaxed and constructive manner can effectively be achieved with this package.

Private yoga therapy Private yoga therapy

What can you expect?

  • The program starts with an intake interview. Cindy determines the exact nature of your situation, what you would like to achieve and your expectations towards the program.
  • Once the interview is done, Cindy puts her knowledge in gear. Charged by her expertise in nutrition, herbal therapy and yoga, she designs your individual diet plan. Next, she selects yoga postures and flows that work on the meridians in your body that need stimulation or rest.
  • In the next session the nutrition plan and yoga are explained to you, followed by a private yoga session. In this session, Cindy guides you through the flows she has designed for you. This will help you to do them at home.
  • We strongly advise you to practise your specific exercises daily at home, combined with classes with Cindy. This not only helps her keep tabs on your progress, it also supports your focus on your chosen track.



De leiteweg 4 | 8020 Ruddervoorde (building "Moto's Hautekiet")
Entrance yogastudio via Kortrijksestraat 478 (large parking area)

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Contact Cindy at
Or +32 498 12 21 56


€ 280,00 for the full package, which includes a series of classes of your choice.