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Relaxation Yoga lessons
Relaxation Yoga lessons
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In need of relaxation? Eager to lose all that stress?

Cornered by the feeling of increasing expectations and no idea how you're going to live up to all of them? The feeling it's taking too much of you?
These are clear signs you need some serious relaxation.

Relaxation Yoga lessons Relaxation Yoga lessons Relaxation Yoga lessons

Cindy can teach you techniques that produce an immediate effect.
Apart from that, you will examine your schedule and your priorities. Do you pay sufficient attention to what is really important, or do you get lost in random stuff?
Together you will determine what gives and takes up your energy. Cindy offers a challenge: do you dare to choose for that what gives you energy?



De leiteweg 4 | 8020 Ruddervoorde (building "Moto's Hautekiet")
Entrance yogastudio via Kortrijksestraat 478 (large parking area)

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Relaxation therapy is strictly individual, after appointment.

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