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Your health and quality of life are inherently linked to your Chi. The term Chi has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine, meaning Life Force. Along the meridians that spread through the body, Chi moves around. Just like the vascular system circulates blood through the body, your meridians provide your body of Chi.
Blockages in these meridians affect your organs, emotions and even the way you think.

In Elemental Flow Yoga we enhance the flow of energy. Specific sequences (flows) liberate this energy flow. The movements are accompanied by conscious breath and meditation, creating more space and flexibility in the body. Elemental Flow Yoga heightens your energy flow, which tones the body and promotes mental resilience.

Elemental Flow yoga Elemental Flow yoga Elemental Flow yoga

In traditional Chinese medicine, five elements are at work:

  • Water: the winter element, connected to bladder and kidneys. Its main emotion is fear.
  • Fire: the summer element, connected to heart and the small intestine. Emotionally it is linked to buoyancy and joy.
  • Earth: the mid-seasons. Connected to stomach and spleen. Emotionally connected to worry and suffering.
  • Wood: the springtime element, connected to gallbladder and liver. Its main emotions are anger and impatience.
  • Metal: the autumn element. Connected to the large intestine and lungs. Linked to sorrow.

The classes follow a seasonal scheme. The central theme is that season’s element. The emphasis lies on a holistic approach: after each class, you will find your attention drawn inwards. You will feel calmer and more energetic at the same time.

Class information


De leiteweg 4 | 8020 Ruddervoorde (building "Moto's Hautekiet")
Entrance yogastudio via Kortrijksestraat 478 (large parking area)


Tuesday from 19.30 - 21.00h
Wednesday from 19.00 - 20.30h

How to enrol?

Contact Cindy at
Or +32 498 12 21 56


€ 14,00 / session
€ 60,00 / 5 sessions
€ 100,00 / 10 sessions

One session on demand?

No problem! Call (+32 498 12 21 56) or mail for an appointment
Price: € 50,00 for 1.15h

Trial class

€ 7,00