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About Cindy

About Cindy

I had it all, but still I was not happy...
Sounds familiar?
Seen from the outside, I had the perfect life. But inside, I felt an inexplicable emptiness. Somewhere along the way I’d got stuck in a rut, trapped in a life without purpose, without the slightest idea how I could change direction.
My solution was simple: escape. I went travelling as often as I could. Far away from home, away from the powerlessness.

While on a trip in Ko Samui, I joined a Hot Yoga course. The idea of a rockstar body and vibrant energy was pretty appealing, so I got on the mat. And guess what? Yoga love at first sight.
My early years were all about physical benefits. I practiced yoga to be flexible, to stay toned and slim.

Cindy Andries Cindy Andries Cindy Andries

The deeper, transformative effects of yoga came to me a few years later. Studying other branches of yoga offered me a renewed connection with myself. I found calm, softness and sweetness. My heart opened, my love unfolded. It was an amazing feeling.

Every journey, every trip I made was now one step closer to my mission. I searched for the right opportunities to hone my skills, because I knew: I am going to be a yoga teacher!

To offer my clients the full package, I studied nutrition and supplements. To be able to reach and teach them in the best possible way, I also polished my coaching skills with an intense NLP training. And my list of trainings is growing steadily!

Training and education

  • India: Elemental yoga
  • Portugal: Elemental Teacher
  • Bali: Teacher Elemental Therapy
  • Bali: nutrition and mindfulness
  • Thailand: Absolute Series Hot yoga Teacher
  • India: Ayurveda and Chinese medicine combined with yoga
  • Belgium: Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Belgium: Relaxation Therapie
  • Belgium: Reiki
  • Chili: Sjamanic energy medicine